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Jean Kelly is an experienced presenter available for appearances on panels, interviews, and keynotes on topics of faith, lectio divina, and reading and writing as a form of spiritual practice.

My Podcast

Read. Pray. Write. Lectio Divina for Modern Life. is how I am becoming a “lectio-evangelist.”

Interviews & Speeches



Oct. 31, 2021, Lunch and Learn, Otterbein Alumni Association. Recorded panel session link .



In Good Faith, BYURadio (Sirius XM):  I explain my practice of “lectio divina” -sacred reading, as well as how I help my students go out in the world to serve. “If they feel a little uncomfortable,” I tell them, “they’re probably in the right place.”

Book Reviews

There are so many new “spiritual titles” published every month.  I help the audiences of my lectio divina podcast and social feeds sort through the chaff to find the mustard seeds that offer the most potential for growing insights and faith. See my “bookstagram” and Goodreads feed for reviews.

Past Presentations

Writing & Traveling as Spiritual Practice: Journey to Become a Catholic Worker, Faculty Scholar Series, Otterbein University, February 19, 2019.

Read, Pray, Heal: Finding Redemption in Ireland through Story, Webinar, March 10, 2021.