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Jean Kelly is an experienced presenter available for appearances on panels, interviews, and keynotes on topics of faith, lectio divina, and reading and writing as a form of spiritual practice.

My Podcast

Read. Pray. Write. Lectio Divina for Modern Life. is how I am becoming a “lectio-evangelist.”

Recent Interviews


In Good Faith, BYURadio (Sirius XM):  I explain my practice of “lectio divina” -sacred reading, as well as how I help my students go out in the world to serve. “If they feel a little uncomfortable,” I tell them, “they’re probably in the right place.”

Recent Presentations

Writing & Traveling as Spiritual Practice: Journey to Become a Catholic Worker, Faculty Scholar Series, Otterbein University, February 19, 2019.

Read, Pray, Heal: Finding Redemption in Ireland through Story, Webinar, March 10, 2021.